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TK-23 Crimping Tool

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Compress Crimping Tool For F Connector

For F connector RG59,RG6,RG11

For compression connector

Brand New - Premium Quality; Universal Compression Tool

Crimps RG-11, RG-7, RG-6, RG-59, RG-58 compression connectors

Perfect for compression connectors

Rotatable head quickly and easily alternates for compression of RG-11, RG-7,RG-6,RG-59,RG-58 connectors in one tool

Compression Distance: 19.7mm~20.3mm for RG58/59/6, 34.8mm~35.4mm for RG11/7

Compatible with any compression connectors, e.g. PPC, Digicon, Gilbert, Holland,Thomas And Betts Snap And Seal, Ultr-ease, Stirling, Lock And Seal, etc

Perfect for Satellite TV, CATV, Home Theater, and Security

Permanent connection so your connector never comes loose

Heavy Duty and easy to use. Lightweight ergonomic design

Datasheet & Manual

TK-23 Crimping Tool.pdf