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Pon otdr testing

OTDR testing is a crucial step in ensuring that your point-to-multipoint network is operating correctly. This article will describe a variety of techniques for testing your communications network. It contains details on a launch cable, a long-pass filter, and testing wavelengths.

Long-pass filter

The OTDR is a versatile measuring device that may be used to assess both the length and reflectance of a fiber link. This data may be utilized to discover PON issues. OTDR machine can detect the location of a bend or splice break, for instance.

In addition, an OTDR can measure and show the attenuation of a fiber link as a function of distance. The normal reach of a WDM-PON system could exceed 20 kilometers.

In this chapter, we will introduce two new WDM-PON supervision approaches. These methods involve a pair of novel OTDR data processing units and are based on OTDRs.

We present a WDM-PON supervisory system with three OTDR data processing units in the first approach. Each ONU is capable of operating at the channel's maximum bit rate. One to ten percent of MUX/DEMUX devices are additionally fitted with taps to monitor traffic.

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