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OTDR stands for "optical time domain reflectometer" in the acronym. It is a technology used for data transmission and data reception over a wire or cable as well as distance measurement. The method consists of three different elements: coherent OTDR, Fresnel reflection, and Rayleigh scattering. Each is used for a wide range of applications and has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Rayleigh scattering

Optical properties of small grains have been discussed in several different ways. One method is the use of a Z-scan technique to determine the refractive index cross-section. Another is the application of an amplitude-module polarimeter technique to quantify the optical scattering properties of a turbid medium.

The Optical Properties Monitor (OPM) is a large-scale space research program that was selected for its definition under the NASA/OAST In-Space Technology Experiment Program. The otdr opm will perform a number of experiments to assess the effects of space environment on selected materials, including optical limiting effects, total hemispherical and VUV reflectance, and the aforementioned otm. In addition, the OPM will be the testbed for a variety of other experiments that will help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of future space missions. In particular, the OPM will be used to validate the feasibility of a micromirror as a potential space-based bio-instrument. The resulting data set will be of benefit to scientists, engineers, and astronauts alike.

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