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The acquisition of an fusion splicer OTDR for your company represents the next stage in the development of the method by which you manage the assets of your company. You will have an advantage over your competitors if you make an investment in a tool that gives you a view of your company's operations in real time. If you already possess the necessary tools, you will not only be able to stay on top of compliance issues, but you will also be able to improve workflows and increase safety. The sole way to guarantee that your business is functioning at its maximum potential is to possess these tools.


Singlemode fibers may be troubleshot with the help of the OWLTrek II OTDR, which is a test kit that is both compact and rugged. This compact device has a number of features and advantages that are certain to meet the needs and requirements of any fiber optic specialist. In point of fact, the OWLTrek II has garnered a place in the laboratories of specialists located in every region of the world. It should come as no surprise that a significant percentage of the fiber optic sector has embraced this wonderful little tool given its capacity to locate and report optical problems in a timely and accurate manner. The OWLTrek II comes with an integrated Lithium Polymer battery, which is a nice perk. This battery can last for hours before it needs to be replaced. This gives it a significant competitive edge over other OTDRs now available on the market.

The OWLTrek II comes equipped with a variety of other fascinating features, some of which include an LCD display, a USB connector, and a control panel that is simple to operate. The OWLTrek II fiber fusion splicer not only has a variety of capabilities, but it also has the capability of being programmed to present users with a multitude of helpful information. This information can include the type of fiber and its polarity, for example.

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