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When it comes to making repairs to a fiber optic cable, selecting the appropriate fiber stripper can make all the difference in the world. Before you get started, there are a lot of things that you need to think about and take into account. This includes aspects such as the product's cost, its durability, and its performance. You must also take into consideration the frequency with which you will be utilizing it.


When it comes to removing polymer coatings from fibers, one of the most effective methods is to use a chemical fiber stripper. However, before you start the process, there are a few things that you absolutely need to be aware of.

There are many different chemicals that can be used for stripping fibers, and each of these chemicals has a unique effect on a particular fiber. When working with these compounds, it is imperative that you wear protective clothing at all times. Before you begin the process, you will need to make sure that the regulations in your area aren't prohibitive.

In most cases, the polymer coating is vaporized by a chemical fiber stripper because that is its intended purpose. Specifically, this is accomplished by directing a predetermined quantity of hot air through the coated fiber. This method is much more secure than the stripping by hand.

A chemical fiber cable stripper is a method that is both safe and effective for removing a polyimide coating that has been applied to fibers. A thermal stripper is a process that is very similar to a chemical stripper; the primary difference is that it uses an electric heater to soften the polymer coating. This is by far the most common approach to stripping ribbons of their fibers.

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Fujikura SS01/03

The Fujikura SS01/03 is a fiber stripper that can help you save time and effort, regardless of whether you are looking for a fiber stripper for single fibers or multifiber systems. It is the perfect instrument for de-stranding the traditional stranded fiber, and it is also helpful for removing the coating from the edge of the fiber holder. Because the SS01/03 does not need to be used before the fiber is placed in the holder, you are free to begin the process at any time. It is also simple and straightforward to use, and its optical rewind system, which has been patented, helps prevent reburns. The SS01/03 is the most affordable stripper in its category, and it features full ruggedization as well. Even though it can be purchased for as little as $150, you should be prepared to spend a bit more on models that are considered to be of higher quality.

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