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What is an otdr tester?

March 06,2024

Perhaps you have are had by you heard of the OTDR tester? It's a device used to test the grade of a fiber cable is optic. We shall explain what a OTDR tester, its advantages, innovation, safety precautions, utilizing it, its solution, quality and applications.

What is a OTDR tester?

An OTDR tester a musical tool to look for the quality of the fiber optic cable and its own components, like splices and connectors. The tester emits a light pulse at a particular wavelength then captures the mirrored light right back by the fiber optic cable. The OTDR tester then analyzes the offered information gathered to look for the quality of this cable.


The OTDR tester from Zhejiang TriBrer many advantages and its capacity to figure out the precise location of dietary fiber break, its high rate of precision, and its particular power to determine cable length. It may identify other factors that may influence the cable like splices and connectors. This info assists professionals figure out the explanation for the nagging problem additionally the most solution useful to correct it.



OTDR testers have withstood innovations being a few years, like the ability to do automatic tests, the capability to test a number of materials, the integration of other features including a laser supply and fault artistic locator. These innovations provide users with additional efficient and evaluation technology is dependable.

Security Precautions

When using a yourself tester others otdr tester it is crucial to follow specific security to stop damage to. One must always verify the machine is functioning and may avoid shining the light pulse into one’s eyes. It is additionally crucial to guarantee that the dietary fiber optic cable disconnected before screening.

How to Use

Utilizing an OTDR tester is simple, nonetheless, it needs some technical knowledge of optic sites. The action first to get in touch the OTDR tester to the dissolvable fiber cable is optic. When connected, the unit provides away a light pulse in the cable. The data created after that it catches the reflected light straight back and analyzes. The data collected may assist a person to find the product quality out and status of this dietary fiber optic cable.


Service and Quality

The grade of a OTDR tester critical as it determines the accuracy associated with the total outcomes produced. It is consequently important to make sure the unit is regularly serviced to help keep its quality. Regular servicing shall be sure that the product is operating precisely. The system should additionally be calibrated and verified to make certain that it provides constant and often outcomes reliable.


OTDR testers are utilized in lot of applications. One of the absolute most applications typical within the telecoms industry, where it’s used to check fiber otdr networks optic. Other applications include to the medical industry the gas and oil industry. Away from medical home it is utilized to test the standard of medical fiber cables optic within the oil and fuel industry, it is used to test dietary fiber optic cables used in ecological monitoring and pipeline examination.

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