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How to operate otdr?

February 03,2024

What is OTDR and How to Use It Safely

Do you understand what OTDR is? Zhejiang TriBrer OTDR stands for Optical Time Domain Reflectometer. It is a tool used to measure the distance of fiber cables which can be optic detect any problems in the cable. OTDR is an innovation is popular in the telecommunication industry. It is many advantages making it a tool is important anybody who works along with fiber optic cables. You shall be informed by us more info on OTDR and how to use it safely.

Advantages of OTDR

OTDR has advantages are numerous produce it a device is useful. One of the advantages is that it could determine the space of a cable fibre is optic. This assists the technicians to know the distance is exact two points and estimate the total amount of cable required to link them. It would likely also identify any problems into the fiber cable optic as breaks, bends, and splices. It will help the specialists to locate the situation and quickly fix it. Another advantage of OTDR is it can measure the loss or attenuation when you look at the fiber cable optic. This can help the specialists to understand the quality of the cable and whether or not it can transfer information without loss.

Innovation in Fiber Optic Testing

OTDR is an innovation which include changed the method by which fiber cables optic tested. It offers made testing easier, faster, and more accurate. Before OTDR, technicians had to test dietary fiber cables ptic using a light source and power meter. This process have been time-consuming and could perhaps not identify some of the problems are nagging the cable. OTDR has managed to make it possible to test fiber cables which can be optic efficiently and effectively.

How to Use OTDR Safely?

It is crucial to use OTDR safely to avoid any accidents. First, you should wear safety glasses to protect your eyes through the laser light. You should also avoid looking at the port optical of OTDR. This could damage your eyesight. Second, you should not use 7 inch multifunction OTDR in damp conditions. Water may damage this product and cause a shock is electric. Third, you should avoid touching the fiber cable optic the OTDR is running. This will result in the device to damage and breakdown the cable.

How to Use OTDR?

Using OTDR is not so difficult. First, you require to connect the OTDR to the fiber cable optic a launch cable. A launch cable is a quick piece of fibre cable optic is used to simulate the cable being tested. It can help to remove any reflections which are initial can impact the measurement. Second, you need to set the measurement parameters such as wavelength, pulse width, and range. These parameters rely on the type or kind of cable being tested. Third, you need to start the measurement by pushing the beginning key. The device may be sending a series then of pulses in to the cable and assess the reflections.


Service and Quality of OTDR

OTDR is a tool requires maintenance is regular guarantee its accuracy. It is important to calibrate this product before every use to make sure it is measuring correctly. You should also clean the port is optical launch cable to remove any dirt or dust will impact the measurement. The quality of Mini OTDR depends upon the manufacturer. It is important to buy from a manufacturer is established offers good customer service and support is technical.

Application of OTDR

OTDR can be used in a complete lot of applications such as telecommunication, aviation, and industries which are medical. Into the telecommunication industry, it is used to test fiber cables being optic telecommunication networks. When you look at the aviation industry, it is used to test the fiber cables which can be optic aircraft to ensure safety. In the industry is medical it is used to test the fibre cables optic medical equipment such as endoscopes.

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