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TK-30 Mechanical Splicer

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30 seconds installation time

Low insertion loss 

Aerial, Buried, Underground, Pedestal

Single-mode and multimode fibers

Both Construction and maintenance

Aerial, buried, underground, pedestal

Insert or outside buildings

FTTx, Metro and Enterprise networks

Up to qo Gigabit data rates

High density substitute for connectors

Fiber Diameter125um
Cost Diameter250 or 900um
Shelf Life30 years
Insertion Loss< 0.3dB (1310nm&1550nm)
Reflectance< -35dB form -40°C to 80°C(-40 to 176 OF)                                                                                                        < -55dB typical form -40°C to 80°C when used with 2650-ACK2 Cleaver Adapter                                                                                                        < -60dB typical at room temperature
Tensile Strength 4.4N (1.0Ib) minimum, 13.2N(>3.0Ibs) typical
MaterialEngineering thermoplastic with aluminum alloy element, UL 94, V-O rating
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Datasheet & Manual

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