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Optical Laser Source AOS200

High-stabilization Light Source AOS200 can be Dual or Triple wavelength. Auto-Wave ID output, work with TriBrer OPM AOP100 to help technician to test the fiber loss

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2~3 wavelengths + VFL

High stabilization, built-in optic isolator

270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz modulation output

Built in VFL (optional)

Energy save mode

Wave ID output, work with Tribrer OPM AOP100

One-year warranty and Three-year recommended calibration interval

Wavelength(nm)2~3 wavelengths+VFL
Stabilization *±0.05dB / 1 hour; ±0.1dB / 8 hours
Output Power > - 6dBm @ 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm/1625nm / > -10 dBm @ 850nm/1300nm
Modulation270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz
ConnectorFC/PC (or customize)
Auto Power OffNo operation in 10 minutes (can be cancelled), Low battery energy
Build in VFL Optional
Wave IDYes
Battery Charge  Yes
Operate TimeAbove 40 hours
Power SupplyAA * 3 batteries or AC/DC power supply adapter

*  After 5 minutes warm-up, 20±3℃, CW, FC connector, with optic isolator

Size(H*W*D)170mm * 97mm * 38mm
WeightAbout 380g
Storage Temperature-20 -- +60°C, < 90%RH
Operating Temperature-10 -- +50°C, < 90%RH


AOS200-M3M8    = 850/1300nmBlank = N/A
AOS200-S3S5     = 1310/1550nmV10 = 10mw
AOS200-S3S4S5 = 1310/1490/1550nm
AOS200-S3S5S6 = 1310/1550/1625nm

Carrying bag


Calibration certificate


Packing box


20180703160023_201FC male to LC female adapter_副本_副本SC male to LC female adapter_副本_副本

AC/DC adapter                                    FC male to LC female adapter           SC male to LC female adapter

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