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Why and How to Use an Audio Fiber Cable Detector?

Time: 2023-12-26

With the rapid development of optical fiber communication, there are more and more problems with laying optical cables. For example, various optical cables are messy in pipes, tunnels, overhead....; the old cable label fell off, so engineers are unable to accurately identify the target cable to conduct following business. In order to solve the above problems, the Audio Fiber Cable Detector AFD600 came into being.



The Audio Fiber Cable Detector is a precision instrument with acoustic principles specially designed for users to accurately identify target optical cables. TriBrer handheld Audio Fiber Cable Detector AFD600 is easy to use and carry; two intuitive display forms ——audio and video; it is more options with two colors, orange or blue, with two dynamic range 10dB or 18dB... 



So how to use the AFD600 correctly? Knocking the cable in the remote end, then locking the target optical cable by watching the changes of waveform in the screen and listening fiber cable mechanical disturbance. An easy and user-friendly operation, isn’t it?


Audio Fiber Cable Detector AFD600 replaces the old ways like cutting, bending, freezing, etc., which is greatly reducing the time and management costs in optical cable transmission network projects, and greatly improving work efficiency. Based on most telecom user’s actual needs, it helps to find the target fiber cable easily and is now widely applied.

TriBrer AFD600 has the advantages of high stability, anti-electromagnetic interference, non-toxic and harmless, easy operation, and no damage to optical cables. It is an excellent helper for construction and maintenance of optical cable lines!

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