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What is Optical Loss Test Set?

Time: 2023-12-07

Optical Loss Test Set, also known as Optical Multi-meter, is an advanced and integrated handheld fiber optic test tool that combines the features and capabilities of many conventional fiber tools into one solution. Also, it represents an all-new category of fiber optic tools that fit neatly between basic VFL and optical power meter and optical laser source.

TriBrer AOU400, an totally NEW upgraded Optical Loss Test Set, not only popular for its palm size designing that makes it more easier to use and portable to carry everywhere, but also built-in functions of OPM, OLS and 10mW VFL.

Built-in OPM function, a good fiber helper on passive fiber networking jobs to test power value. It’s standard with FC&2.5mm universal connector (option: SC, ST) and suitable for 6 wavelengths between 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550 and 1625nm.

AOU400 with FC SC ST_副本-1_副本_副本

FC&2.5mm UPP(option: SC, ST)

Built-in OLS function, another fiber optical measuring helper, working together with optical power meter to quickly measure multiple key optical parameters like fiber loss (dB). It’s standard with FC connector and suitable for MM dual wave 850/1300nm, SM dual wave 1310/1550nm and SM triple wave 1310/1490/1550nm.

Built-in 10mW VFL function, with 2.5mm universal connector, to make fiber network testing more simpler and faster. As we know, the visual fault locator also is one of the most indispensable tools that can do three basic things in fiber networking: bright laser source at 650nm; fast locate the broken point on fibers and find the goal fiber among many by visible light.

AOU400 组合图 - logo_副本_副本

AOU400 Optical Loss Test Set

In addition, TriBrer AOU400 has some other functions, like Auto wavelength detection(option), Data transfer(option) and Real-time test on PC(option)—check the updated tested data in the PC.

Fiber networks are rapidly expanding and transforming to meet the telecommunication demands of the future. Optical multi-meter is a cost-effective solution that enables fast, high-quality fiber installation with exceptional first-time success rates. To make it more economical and convenient, choosing TriBrer 3-in-1 Optical Loss Test Set AOU400, the industry-leading handheld optical multi-meter with essential fiber test tools.

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