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Used for Fusion Splicer or Fast Connector

Time: 2024-02-22

What is fiber cleaver? 

If you are new to fiber, then it may be a new concept. In simple terms, Fiber Cleaver is used to cut the quartz glass fiber as thin as a hair, then you have two ends that will line up and can be welded together by using a fusion splicer. So its an essential tool when splicing and connecting in the field.

CLV-B1 Fiber Cleaver

TriBrer Fiber Cleaver CLV-B1

What is a fiber cleaver used for?

As we know, fiber cleaver is designed to provide a clean and precise cleave of fiber optic glass. Currently, on the market, its mainly used for two of the following: Fusion Splicer and Fast Connector.

CLV-S1 Fiber Cleaver

TriBrer Fiber Cleaver CLV-S1

TriBrer CLV-X6, Used for Fusion Splicer

In addition to knowing whether it is used for fusion splicer or fast connector, also needs to know the fiber type and diameter size, etc. The most popular in the market that are suitable for single or multi-core bare quartz fibers and coating fiber diameter are 250μm and 900μm.

TriBrer Fiber Cleaver CLV-X6 provides fast and accurate cutting that can be used with many fusion splicer, even Japanese fusion splicer. 96°hardness blade, Japanese IKO rail, and 24 positions make it to get the best cutting performance; Also it has a long blade life of 54,000 cleaves; Moreover, its functional designed with Fiber Dust bin, Auto Return and Fiber Holder...

CLV-X6 Fiber Cleaver

TriBrer Fiber Cleaver CLV-X6

How to use a fiber cleaver?

Step 1: Open the body cover,

Step 2: Put the stripped fiber in the fiber holder with the length requirement.

Step 3: Close the cover.

Step 4: Push the blade slider from front to the back

Step 5: Open the cover and take out the cleaved fiber.

Step 6: Remove the chip of cleaved fiber with a pair of tweezers or brush.

Fiber Cleaver is the indispensable tool to cut the fiber in such a good way that make fiber optic cables with clean and smooth end face. And it is also a crucial tool for low-loss and low-reflectance fiber optic splices or terminations. Lets focus on and choose TriBrer Fiber Cleaver CLV-X6 to precisely and accurately cut optical fibers.


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