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Typical features of high-level PON power meters

Time: 2023-11-16

What is PON Power Meter?

     PON Power Meter is an ideal choice for PON network engineering construction and maintenanceThe PON optical power meter is a test instrument specially designed for FTTX (Fiber To The X)or PON (Passive Optical Network).It is designed with high-definition TFT color LCD screenAnd it can achieve simultaneous measurement and display of voice, data and video signals on the BPON/EPON/GPON architecture. Setting power thresholds, then it can provide pass, warning, or fail status indication for each wavelength.

          TriBrer EPN90 PON power meter is a light weight test instrument about 400g. It is designed with a tight-fitting rubber cover to make it more shock-proof and drop-proof. The EPN90 can be charged via USB cable. Having powerful 1000 internal data storage and data transfer function. EPN90 is widely used in the construction, testing and maintenance of optical line projects such as cable TV.



What features should a high-level PON power meter have? Taking TriBrer EPN90 as example:

1. Users can use EPN90 with PON threshold sets, connecting to PC, and wavelength calibration.

2. 1000 tested data can be saved, viewed, deleted in the equipment and PC software.

3. Transferring data to PC end via USB cable, very easy and fast operation.

4. Three indicator lights, PASS/WRNG/FAIL, are used to display the status of the tested optical link.

5. Support online measurement.

6. Support uplink burst light mode test(1310nm) and filter measurement function(It similtaneously tests and display the corresponding power values of three wavelengths: 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm)

7. Test without interrupting communication. Dual-port pass-through design ensures full communication from the OLT (optical line terminal) to the ONT (optical network terminal) during the test.

EPN-90 侧&背_副本

Side edge&back

In order to adapt to the rapid development of FTTX requirenments, TriBrer's EPN90 can measure the power values of different wavelengths at any location in the PON network. The intelligent EPN90 is testing during the entire FTTx construction, maintenance. TriBrer EPN90 follows the development trend and meets network communication requirements.

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