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TriBrer Mini OTDR: TB-700 or TB-720?

Time: 2024-06-18

    OTDR is a fiber tester used to test length, events, loss etc. of fiber line. If ask a professional engineer "What is a good OTDR?" The answer must be "Measuring long distances and listing detailed events."

    TriBrer has two popular mini OTDR models, how should users to choose the most suitable one between TB-700 or TB-720?

    Both TB-700 and TB-720 are designed with reasonable size and weight, more easy to carry and use. Ten functions are integrated into one device (OTDR, OLS, OPM, VFL, RJ45 Distance, RJ45 Sequence Test, OLA SE, Loss Test, LED Light, Power Bank). In the real-working situation, it can achieve using one device to solve various actual problems, which will greatly improve work efficiency.


TB-720 10-in-1 Touch Screen OTDR

   Though there are many similarities between TB-700 and TB-720, but they are still not the same and are designed to meet different users’ need.

    1. Operation method. TB-700 is operated by pressing buttons. But the TB-720 is designed both buttons and multi-touch screen, which is more convenient for operating.

    2. Different modes.Comparing with TB-700, TB-720 has more modes choices. TB-700 is a basic model, only SM mode. TB-720 supports 3 modes, SM/MM/PON mode, meeting more situation of fiber lines.


TB-720-P1 Touch Screen PON OTDR

    3. Different dynamic range. The OTDR dynamic is the most key parameter to check its performance. Because the dynamic range are directly related with the maximum testing distance. The TB-700 dynamic range is 22dB, and TB-720 can up to 32dB. If users test short-distance fiber lines in most situation of daily works, then more recommend TB-700 with short distance setting 80km. If users need to test longer, suggesting TB-720 with distance setting 150km.

    4. Different dead zone. The dead zone are divided into event dead zone and attenuation dead zone. Dead zones decide the accuracy of analyzing events. Usually, after ensuring the sufficient dynamic range of OTDR, the smaller dead zone will be better. For TB-700 and TB-720, their event dead zone are the same 1m. The attenuation dead zone, TB-720 (6m) is a little better than TB-700 (7m).

    The OTDR plays a vital role in monitoring the working status, locating the fault events, and ensuring the smooth operation of optical communication networks.

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