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TriBrer BML-209 Series Visual Fault Locator

Time: 2023-04-18

Hi dears,

Today, I will introduce you our BML-209 visual fault locator here. Two colors of it, vivid blue and calm black. Both material are made of plastic, weight only around 46g without batteries. It is good for your to carry and transport from place to place.

There are three output powers, 10mW, 20mW and 30mW, can satisfy your different needs for distance. There is TriBrer brand at the front of it. If you want to put your own logo on it, and the quantity is enough, we can provide logo customization service for you.                                                        

Also it has bright 650nm red laser which can fast locate the broken points, pulse and CW operation mode, and 2.5mm universal connector like other TriBrer VFLs.

Learn more products information and get datasheet,

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