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Time: 2023-10-30

It is well-known that OPM is to detect the optical light, and OLS works together with OPM to test the loss of fiber. But what is the difference of normal power meter & laser source with TriBrer OPM AOP110 & OLS AOS210? Here we go.

TriBrer AOP110&AOS210 can make fiber-optical networking testing easier and economical. The optical power meter AOP110 has function of “AUTO TEST”, which can automatic testing by switch wavelengths at function of “POLL TIME” for the optical laser source AOS210. 

In addition, OPM AOP110 has a number of outstanding features and benefits. Firstly, it has FC&2.5mm universal connector (option: SC, ST). Secondly, with a 1000 data storage function, which makes it easy to record and view measurement results, also built-in 10mW VFL, and have the function of PC software & USB connection for 7X24 real-time test on PC.

The OLS AOS210 also has several other advantages. First of all, it can measure up to 5 wavelengths and with a color LCD screen. Then, it has functions of output power adjustable and disabling wavelength. 

Obviously, both AOP110&AOS210 are palm size designing, which make it more easier to carry anywhere and use. Moreover, AOP110&AOS210 have function of “WAVE ID”, firstly, it needs to turn on the two devices and open the OPM&OLS “ID” function, then switch the wavelengths on OLS, the OPM will automatically recognize and switch into the corresponding wavelengths, which makes it easy to operate by only one person.


AOP110 Optical Power Meter&AOS210 Optical Laser Source

Whether the normal OPM&OLS or TriBrer AOP110&AOS210, both are essential tools for installing and maintaining fiber optic networks. But choosing TriBrer AOP110&AOS210, an excellent helper that saves time and effort, will make you get a perfect and high-efficient fiber optic network testing.

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