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Optical Variable Attenuator (TriBrer EVA50)

Time: 2024-03-15

Digital Optical Fiber Attenuator is a passive device used to reduce the power of optical signals to a certain level. The working principle is to reduce the optical signal power through the absorption, reflection, diffusion, scattering, deflection, diffraction and dispersion of the optical signal.

In the process of optical fiber communication, if the optical signal power is too high, then the optical detector will be overloaded, causing signal distortion. In this case, the signal power must be reduced to a suitable value by using an optical attenuator. In a fiber optic system with multiple wavelength channels, the optical signal power of each channel is required to be approximately the same, so optical variable attenuator is used to balance the power of each channel. 


EVA50 Optical Variable Attenuator(Digital)

TriBrer Optical variable attenuator EVA50 is the most compact and rugged portable attenuator on the market. It can reach large attenuation range of 40dB/60dB and have 3 different attenuation steps 0.1dB/1dB/10dB. Users can switch wavelength among 1310nm / 1490nm / 1550nm. Users can save the current value as reference, and max. 8 tracks attenuation values, which is convenient to retrieve and reuse the saved value. And even the instrument shuts down, the set value also can be memorized. For dark working environment, EVA50 is designed with backlight. Under the energy-saving mode, it will power off automatically after 10 minutes without any operation.


EVA50 Connector (standard:FC/PC)

With the development of handheld optical variable attenuator, nowadays, it has been widely applied in the research and development of optical devices, optical network testing and maintenance, optical communication teaching and testing... TriBrer EVA50 is an excellent and necessary practical instrument, and it is widely used in laboratory around the world.

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