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Mini Multi-function Optical Power Meter丨APM58

Time: 2023-10-16

Optical Power Meter is used to measure the power of optical signal. It can also work with optical laser source to get the loss of fiber, to evaluate the quality of optic fiber line...etc.

In daily work of fiber installation or maintenance, OPM with multi-functions becomes more and more popular. But what kind of multifunctional optical power meter is worth to be chosen? Several main features as follows:

Feature 1: The body should be small enough. Such as TriBrer’s APM58, which is designed with mini body, with only 100g lightweight, so it is really convenient for users to take freely.

Feature 2: 2.5mm universal connector, suitable for SC/FC/ST.

Feature 3: 4 in 1 multi-functions are integrated in one device.

APM58 2_副本

OPM function: Six wavelengths (850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm) are included in TriBrer’s APM58, so it can meet most of the testing requirements.

Built-in VFL: The red light source is a very simple function to fast locate the break point of fiber and to find the target one fiber among many by visible light. The connector of VFL is 2.5mm universal connector for SC/FC/ST. APM58 is built-in 20mW VFL, which can test fiber distance10km. Short press VFL key, VFL starts in CW mode, press the second time to be blink mode, press the third time to turn off the VFL.

RJ45 net cable testing function: Press the lock key on APM58 to pull out the module to test network cable. Connect the two ends of the network cable to the main equipment port and RJ45 remote module respectively. By observing the indicator on remote module, users can determine whether the cable sequence corresponds.

APM58 4_副本

LED light: A sweet function design, it is convenient for users who are working in the dark.  

Using one multifunctional OPM can solve most of problems at once to save you valuable time. Optical power meter is the most basic fiber optic testing instrument, and it is also your best working partner! Choose TriBrer OPM APM58, get the best experience!

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