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Get to know about TriBrer OPM APM60 & APM80

Time: 2023-07-31

As an essential tool for installing and maintaining fiber-optic networks, optical power meters are known as a type of device with a receiver, a detector, an amplifier and a display. Then how it works? First it receives the optical signal by receiver head, then detector will convert the optical signal into an electrical signal and amplifies the output,finally screen shows power value results.

There are many different types of fiber optic power meters available on the market, with varying features and capabilities,such as PON, Mini, Handheld, DWDM, and USB power meters etc.

But here TRIBRER OPM APM60 & APM80:The best choice for accurately detecting optical light for you.


APM60&APM80 are both designed in a smart phone-style so that it is easy to use and weight is light enough to carry anywhere. Also two color options for you, APM60 white and APM80 black.


Choose wavelength in wavelength setting interface to match the actual service transmission wavelength during testing. 850nm and 1300nm two wavelength for multi-mode fiber and 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm and 1625nm four wavelength for single-mode fiber.


For precision measuring instruments, port contamination is bound to affect subsequent tests. For this reason, APM60&APM80 are designed with a dust cap. Connectors on APM80 are FC and 2.5mm universal adapters. Alternatively, you can choose the APM60 with a 2.5 mm universal connector also, suitable for FC, SC, ST interchangeable adapters.


It is small in size but strong in functions: For APM80, it can store max.500 data. APM60&APM80 are both low power consumption devices, both are with auto power-off function---No operation in 10 minutes will be power off automatically (can be cancelled). Also can be chosen to built-in visual fault locator function (optional), and “SOS” LED light, convenient in dark working environment.

Optical power meter is a great help for optical communication installation and maintenance in integrated cabling projects. Whether it's a traditional installation or an indoor cabling application, using the right fibre optical power meter (APM60 or APM80) can help you get the job done.

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