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Detecting Problems by Using OTDR

Time: 2024-01-12

What is OTDR? 

OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) is a device that used to test the performance of installed fiber links and detect problems that may exist in fiber links. Its function includes generation and transmission of a series of high-speed optical pluses within the fiber.

What can an OTDR do?

It can measure broken point, splicing and connector losses, point-to-point distances, total cable length, connector quality/return loss, attenuation of fiber, etc. And usually, OTDR is used for Fiber Installation and Commissioning; Maintenance; Emergency Restoration; Fiber Identification, etc.

10 advantages of TriBrer Big Dynamic OTDR APL-2 plus 

Firstly and obviously, easy to operate: 7 inch color LCD and Multi-touch Screen. Max. 45dB dynamic range and Min. 0.5m dead zone, which make it more accurate measurement than conventional OTDR. Also, it has built-in useful multi-functions, such as: VFL, OLS and Real time monitoring OPM, Loss Test...


APL-2 plus

Secondly, Max.5 wavelengths SM & MM in one unit, offering several different wavelength combinations for selecting; Supporting Map Link with Pass/Fail setting and Injection/Receiving fiber setting makes PONs Test clearer and easier to understand; In addition to Micro-Bending test under dual-wave mode, there are also many other tests like: Temperature/Humidity test, Gradienter, Ping test, etc.

Finally, it has three extendable optional functions: GPS: displaying the longitude and latitude position outdoor; VIP (Video Inspection Probe): detecting the quality of  connector surface by using video inspection probe; iOLA (Intelligent Optical Link Analyzer): using a mix of short, medium and long pulses as needed to detect more events with maximum resolution.

What kinds of networks can OTDR measure? Take PONs as a example.

OTDR is a critical tool used in the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of Passive Optical Networks (PONs). TriBrer OTDR APL-2 plus, has module P series (PA/P1/P3/P4) : 1310/1550/1625nm, and 1625nm with filter for PON. PONs are a type of fiber-optic network used for delivering high-speed internet, voice, and video services to end-users. They consist of a central office (OLT - Optical Line Terminal) and multiple subscriber locations (ONTs - Optical Network Terminals), with optical fibers connecting them.

Fiber testing plays a significant role in ensuring the network is optimized to deliver reliable and robust services without fault. Choosing TriBrer’s high dynamic >40dB OTDR APL-2 plus will help to precisely detect faults and loss in an optical fiber link of a communication network.

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