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Communication Assistant—Optical Talk Set (AOT600)

Time: 2024-02-01

In actual fiber construction or maintenance work, usually, on-site engineers need to communicate with other engineers in the machine room. They are usually far away from each other. When the actual construction workplace is a remote place like mountainous area or suburbs area, the mobile phone signal is often very weak. At that time, if engineers want to achieve smooth communication, they need to use optical talk sets.

Optical talk set is a practical instrument that uses actual fiber lines to finish communication. In a poor communication working place, it can quickly establish a communication link to achieve high-quality, long-distance and full-duplex communication.

TriBrer optical talk set AOT600 achieves full-duplex communication in a single fiber by using WDM technology. WDM( wavelength division multiplex ) is a technology of transmitting with different wavelengths in single fiber. 

AOT600 1_副本

Optical talk set telephone A&B

The AOT600 is divides into Telephone A and B. Telephone A modulates the signal on 1310nm, while telephone B is on 1550nm. A and B must be used in a couple by connecting one fiber. Also they can use 2.5mm traffic special headset and common PC headset. But they can not use in the same time.

AOT600 3_副本

Fiber optic adapter&Earphone/Microphone Socket

The dynamic distance of AOT600 can up to 120km. There are two modes for AOT600, long communication mode and short communication mode. According to the communication and loss of line between two telephones, users must choose the appropriate communication distance. When the loss of fiber line is more than 20dB, you must use long communication mode. When the loss of fiber line is less than 20dB, the long communication mode must be turned off, otherwise will cause howling and no communication.

        Optical talk set is widely used in the construction, testing and maintenance of digital data networks, telecommunications and mobile optical fiber line projects. It saves a lot of time on communication. So it is the best assistant to realize remote communication between engineers. Use TriBrer Optical Talk Set AOT600 to get convenient, smooth and rapid telecom work!

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