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TK-31 Round-Cable Stripper

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A. Flat Wire Stripper,Pull Out Type For

    Stranded phone wire 2P,4P,6P,8P,10P,etc

    Intercom/alarm wire/2-cond.Speaker wire 18-22awg and Spt-1 electric wire

B. Round-Cable Stripper W/Guides, By Rotating

    1 to 3 times at counter-clockwise for

    Round cable - tough plastic insulations 12-14-16 awg cable, Spt-2 electric wire

    Assorted solid modular wire : UTP, STP,Data communication wire  and network cable

    Multi-conductor cable: insulation o.d.3.2mm-9.5(1/8"-3/8")

    Automative/heavy-duty wire max 8 awg

C. Adjusting Bolt Control For Fixed Size

    Available for matching different cable sizes

D. Sharp Blade For Cutter And Stripper

E. Body Made Of Polyacetal Resin

F. 102mm Length. Light And Compact

Datasheet & Manual

TK-31 Round-Cable Stripper.pdf