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We're the biggest 7-inch-color-LCD-optic-otdr in Nigeria corporation in China with offices or representatives in all significant cities and towns within the China along with the China, and take into consideration that we've considerable knowledge in this filed. The size in the company will continue to expand, 7-inch-color-LCD-optic-otdr in Nigeria available has been welcomed by all, and achieved a higher reputation. 7-inch-color-LCD-optic-otdr in Nigeria in continual innovation and improvement, products are reasonably cost, and also the high quality is very higher, you can find a great deal of makes use of, and brought a great deal of help to folks in their daily lives. In case you are keen on our solutions, please get in touch with us, We look forward to hearing from you and assure you of our close cooperation constantly.

Fusion Splicer


Test and Measurement

Visual Fault Locator

Optical Power Meter

Optical Light Source

Optical Fiber Identifier

PON Power Meter

Audio Fiber Cable Detector

Optical Talk Set

Optical Variable Attenuator

Fiber Multimeter

E1 BER Tester

Fiber Tools

Fiber Stripper

Fiber Cleaner

Fiber Adapters


ODN Equipment

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