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Pen Type Visual Fault Locator BML-205

BML205 series Visual Fault Locator is pen type, metal design, easy to operate with three different "SWITCH" status: ON, GLINT, OFF. It could help technicians locate the broken point of fiber, as well as find target fiber among many.

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Bright red laser at 650nm

Fast locate the broken point

Pulsed and CW operation

Rugged and waterproof design

Standard AA alkaline batteries

2.5mm universal connector

CE Qualified



BML-205-10 BML-205-15 BML-205-20 BML-205-25 BML-205-30

Output Power*

> 1mW

> 10mW > 15mW > 20mW > 25mW > 30mW

Dynamic Distance**   

3~5 km   

8~10 km > 10km > 10km > 10km > 10km


650nm ± 20nm

Operation Mode

Pulsed(2Hz) and CW


2.5mm UPP(or customize 1.25mm UPP)


175mm * 26mm * 26mm



*     Tested by FOD1205H 650nm optical power meter

**   Human eyes Min. sensitivity -120dBm, and 10dB/km loss of 650nm in fiber


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  • Soft Bag

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  • 2.5mm to 1.25mm adapter

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BML205 VFL manual.pdf

BML205 VFL.pdf