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TK-33 Fiber Launch Cable

"Audio Fiber Cable Detector can help you find the target fiber cable easily by knocking the cable. When knocking, you can find waveform fluctuation
and hear the ""knocking"" voice via earphone."

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Full-spectrum single mode fiber

Small macrobending radii,comply with G.657A or G.652D standard

Small attenuation value

Suitable for any optical testiong enviroment

Length x Width x Height

27.5 x 15.3 x 7.6cm

Hom Fiber


Connector Type

FC/SC/LC selectable

Polishing Type

APC/UPC selectable

Khoom siv

SR Polypropylene



Qhov hnyav

1kg(package included )

Ua haujlwm kub

-40°C to +55°C

Typical Loss

<0.5dB @ 1310nm for 1000 meters


Piv txwv: FLC10-SM-SC/UPC-LC/APC

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Datasheet & Phau ntawv

TK-33 Fiber Launch Cable.pdf

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